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    Example #2 of Why it is better to Have Private Health Insurance while Overseas:


    Was referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon for a problem with my left knee. Not sure what happened, but never felt pain when my leg was bent the wrong way at a Wrestling Practice that  I was helping to coach for a local US Military High School Team. So I got referred to the Doctor, and researched his info online. And I made a phone call and while I was on hold, I also found the doctors direct email and type an email while waiting online. In the email I wrote I was referred to him and that I have Private Health Insurance. When the assistant came on the phone, I told them I need to have my leg looked at since I might have torn something. My earliest possible appointment was in 3 weeks she said!!! 3 Weeks, I was shocked, I mean I can barely walk on my leg and 3 weeks is the earliest? So I told them I would call back. Within 30 min of me sending the email, the doctor...

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    Having been an Expat in Germany for 14 years, I saw first hand that Private Health Insurance is better than the Country run health insurance.

    I used the German’s Private Health System since I was self employed and bought my policy initially from a German company. Then I searched around and found an International Health Insurance Plan. When I was asked by my insurance broker why I was leaving the German company and cancelling my health insurance policy, I told him I found an International Health Insurance Policy. Once he heard this, his statement was, "Yes, we cannot compete with their prices you made the write decision." So I was quite happy to hear this!!!

    Having lived in Germany for 5 years with the Active US Military, I never had to have a family doctor that was outside of the military.

    So when living in Wiesbaden, Germany after leaving the military service, I need to find a local doctor.

    I needed to be seen by a doctor for a common...

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    Dying Man Records a Message from God as his Last Words

    This man passed away a few hours after recording this video. He claimed that his final words were a message from God he wanted to send to the world before departing it. Check it out and let us know your opinion.


    Pretty amazing story of a man dying on his death bed, and how he got a glimpse of both heaven and Hell before dying. If you dont have the full 7 minutes, start around the 4min mark and listen to his warnings. Thanks for this Message God! ) I asked God this morning in my prayers of how I can help get the word out about Good and Evil,l and when I went to my phone this video just came in my email. :)

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    Do you get travel insurance when you take a trip or vacation overseas?? If statistics are correct, I am guessing you do not. You are not alone... Most people believe their current health insurance plan with work or through a private carrier will cover them while overseas. Some companies will provide coverage, but most do not. Some Insurance companies will allow you to add an International Plan at no additional charge, and other companies will charge an additional fee.

    So before your next trip overseas, please contact your current health insurance provider and ask them if you are coverage on your next trip. Also, ask them the procedures of how the insurance actually works while overseas. Most doctors offices and hospitals will not let you leave unless you pay the bill. Find out if your Insurance Company has an international number that you can contact the claims department.

    If you find you are not covered by your current company, Travel...

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    Here is a great video player that can be your personal travel guide to many destinations around the World. As your choosing your next destination, don't forget to buy your International Health Insurance, or Travel Insurance for your shorter Overseas Trips.